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About Town and Country Animal Hospital

Town and Country Animal Hospital​​​​​​​ was established in 1962 exactly where it stands today. For years, it served the horses and dairy cows in the Bonita area along with the dogs and cats. Dr. Mike Sevier started working at Town and Country in the 1980s and spent his veterinary career establishing a thriving small animal practice that served generations of families in the area.

Dr. Sevier recently entered his well-deserved retirement, and Town and Country Animal Hospital​​​​​​​ is about to enter its next phase of providing the highest quality veterinary care, combining the traditional and personal touch of its past with the newest medical treatments and technology.

Dr. Aaron Rhoades grew up in Bonita with dogs, cats, bunnies, and horses in his backyard and his family’s veterinarian was Dr. Sevier at Town and Country! Dr. Sevier signed the health certificate so that his beloved dog, Darwin, could travel with him to veterinary school, and pointed him towards his first veterinary job in San Diego, where he practiced for the last 13 years.

Dr. Rhoades is excited to be able to come back to his hometown practice in Bonita and to continue to build on the respected legacy of Town and Country Animal Hospital​​​​​​​. He will be joining forces with the Town and Country team to combine the personalized and compassionate care that has always defined the clinic with new and exciting ways to give your pet the best care possible.

We will now be able to offer digital x-ray, ultrasound, full in-house labwork, acupuncture, and laser therapy, in a soon-to-be renovated hospital. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to watch the progress of the building renovations — we can’t wait for you and your pet to see it for yourselves!

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